howdy champ. I'm the creator of this . I have a lot of diffrent names online : sparf, maceface, wenis (just on YNO), sillyhomunculus just to name a few. Call me whatever I don't really care. I hope you've been enjoying your stay. lil bio:

16 year old creature from the sewers. I have 13 toes, an infinite supply of advil in the sanrio pouch in my backpack and i can not spell . I like making silly stories and characters :)).

some stuff i think is really cool

yume nikki and yume nikki fan gamesscott pilgrim (all forms of media) garfield madoka magica undetale/deltarune wizards cats pilk(pepsi milk) madoka magicarodentsfree smiley.detony hawk proskaterthe muppetsjerma985miku!!

there's gonna be a page for my favorite music too but thats a work it progress :) if anyone super cool reading this wants to chit chat hmu