aa wow I haven't made an update on the grunkle zone in so long:( I've been sooo busy lately- There's two super cool movies I'm working on right now! I'll try to link them once I'm finished! One of them is called SHRIMP WIGGLE and its about a silly high school garage band (called shrimp wiggle) consisting of Mort, Franny and Norman. And then one day Mort and Franny accidentally kill norman and have to watch a vhs tape tutorial on how to raise the dead and make it seem like Norman never died. I'm really hapy with how its coming together so far :) anyway thats mostly why I haven't been updating much- I'll try to do some more if i have time!


happy christmas to anyone celebrating!! I got this super cool madotsuki key chain from one of my friends :)) I'll try to maybe add a photo of it here later! This coming sunday I'm going to go to an anime convention which will be soo cool. I still need to make my costume- I think I'm going to try to make a kikuo costume . If that doesn't work I have a sunny cosplay I could always use instead!


One month later... No ones probably reading this but whatever:
  • I haven't really been able to work on the grunkle zone recently since I've been super busy(especially during finals....)! For the past few months I've been working on a documentary for a school project and this friday we did a showing of them! It was so cool seeing every ones finished project :D! I got to make some silly animations for mine. now with that done im gonna start making a cool short film!! I have a script for a dark comedy I want to make... well see if it ever happens! Maybe I'll post it here one day...
  • Anyway unrelated to getting an education I went to this charles dickens themed fair yesterday with some of my friends and everyone was dressed in victorian outfits.
    the fit : The whole convention center smelled like cinnamon!
  • i finised making my miku drawing today :)) ill try to post a photo of it in the art section if you wanna see! im really happy with how it turned out
  • 11/18/23

    yayy hii first blog post!! idk how this is gonna work but here we go life update just for the sake of writing stuff:

  • OKK the scott pilgrim anime came out yesterday and so far I've just seen the first 3 episodes but it looks soo good. I've been waiting so long for this. This is so awesome :)))!!! wallace and kim and my favorite little guys i want to just put them in a little box and squish it.
  • :) not scott pilgrim related butttt i went on a hike today and saw a bunch of really neat mushrooms since it just rained. Definity saw turkey tail but I couldn't figure out the other ones-
  • last thing!!! I started playing in a coc (call of cthulhu) game the other day! it takes place in an 80's christian summer camp and there's gonna be some mind melting horrors idk.. My character is named Alf and looks like a 9 year old uncle fester. He probably has a list of diseases and I'd stay far away from him but he's pretty chill once you get to know him!
  • man that was really long. i'll probably just disappear again for a while ok bye!